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Hyper Shiney and Super Durable Ceramic Coatings

Detail Pro's Ceramic Coating Packages

Ceramic Coating

For a minimum of 5 years of top of the line paint protection and ease of maintenance. 
I'm always researching and keep the best coatings available.
Most cars, trucks and SUV's: $1200 -$1400
(With paint correction)
Brand new vehicles: $700
(without paint correction)
Boats, Planes and RV's: Free Estimates

Benefits of Ceramic Coatings

1. They Make it Easier to Clean Your Car

Although ceramic coats keep your car looking clean for a long time, you must still wash it on a regular basis. The water-repelling ability of a ceramic coat allows you to use less effort to wash your car and make it look like it just rolled off the assembly line. Because the coating prevents dirt and other substances from bonding with your car, a quick rinse will suffice.

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2. They are Cost-Effective

For a far superior shine and protection, ceramic coatings will actually save you money in the long run, the cost of regular waxing of your vehicle every few months is actually 5 to 10 times the cost compared to a proper 6 to 8 year coating.

3. The Extra Layer Repels Dirt & Mud

Coatings are a transparent liquid polymer solution that is applied to the exterior paint and moldings of your vehicle forming a hard shell that protects the entire vehicle, this layer makes it difficult for dirt, mud, break dust, and mineral deposits to bond with the surface. Because it doesn't get dirty as quickly, you can keep your vehicle cleaner for longer between washes.


4. They Make Your Vehicle More Durable

Applying an extra layer of unrivaled protection will extend the life of your vehicles paint, preventing fading or weathering. A ceramic coating adds a hard candy like shell preventing chemical etch marks, water spots, some rock chips and small scratches, making it easier for repairs.


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Mobile Detailing Specialist Since 1992!

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